About Me


I was a lot like you.  

Struggling my way through my college years wondering if I had missed the course on "intro to how to do life 101" or even just "how to not feel like a mess". 

I was stressed, anxious, and insecure.

Feeling like I was the only one having a hard time handling it all.

Between my course load, trying to have a social life, and maintain a healthy physical and mental state...it all felt like too much.

I rarely felt good, and had to force and fake confidence which was exhausting.

I was struggling and felt like I had no one who understood or knew how to really help me. 

SO I became the person I wish I had going through my college years. 

I went to work. 

I figured out all the things we never  learned about our brains, emotions, behaviors..all the things that make up our lives yet are never taught.

I became a mental health master and got certified through The Life Coach School to put all of my personal experiences and skills to use helping others. 

"Where was this sh*t in college?!" Was my immediate thought while going through my certification.

So I have taken all of my personal experience, education, and love for helping and serving others to become a coach and create a platform and space for college students to get help and feel better. 

CollegeSense is my online virtual coaching program.

I help you by giving you the tools, resources, and support to solve any of your problems, be successful in all areas of college life in and out of the classroom, and most importantly help you feel your best through it all.

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How to work with me

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