Want to start feeling better in college?


CollegeSense is the answer. 

You will get help with any college life problem you have.

Tired of feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

Want to learn how to manage your time better and stop procrastinating?

Fear of gaining weight or tired of obsessing over food?

Feel like you drink too much?

You're not alone, and there is an answer to all of these problems and more...

CollegeSense is your solution.


Join us in CollegeSense!

Next Semester Open Enrollment begins:  

August 21st 2022

*limited capacity and subject to first come first serve*

Weekly Workshops 

Topics discussed will vary and will be recorded for playback on your own time if you are unable to attend live.

 Live Coaching Calls 

Get coached on any topic or problem during one of the Live Coaching Calls or learn from hearing others get coached. 

Ask Anything

Bring your questions to live calls or post them anonymously in writing anytime on the Ask Lo page. Any topic, any problem we got you.

Bonus Courses

Dive into all of the bonus content to do deeper on topics like Body Image/Weight, Alcohol 101, Anxiety and more



The amount of mental health resources on college campuses are few and far between. Add the stigma of asking for help and you have a recipe for a mental health issues.

That is where CollegeSense comes in.

College is the most transformative years of your life.

You're learning how to live on your own, thrown into a foreign landscape of social and academic pressure, to say it's a lot doesn't do it justice.

Add alcohol, partying, and the comparison trap into the mix and the stress levels are about as high as the dropout rates.

50% of students (those who admit to it) struggle with their mental health and 40% do not seek out help.

Asking for help is sometimes the strongest thing you can do.

If you want your college experience to be the best it can be. If you want to have fun, feel good and quit struggling  join CollegeSense today.